Culture is part of comprehensive security in Finland

Culture and arts associations and organizations work closely with the National Emergency Supply Agency.

What is comprehensive security in Finland?

Comprehensive security is the cooperation model of Finnish preparedness, where vital societal functions are handled together by authorities, businesses, NGOs, and citizens. President Sauli Niinistö advocates for this model within the EU. 

One of the vital societal functions in the comprehensive security model of Finland is psychological resilience. It lays under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Cultural institutions and artists play integral roles in this framework, contributing to various aspects of preparedness and resilience.

Art professionals are involved in comprehensive security measures

Culture is also part of the education program in the National Defence Courses. Culture plays a vital role in preparing for emergencies, as evidenced by the inclusion of cultural elements in the curriculum of the National Defence Courses. These courses facilitate cooperation among diverse sectors of society and promote a holistic understanding of Finland’s foreign, security, and defense policies.

The objective of the National Defence Course is to provide people in leading positions with a comprehensive view on Finland’s foreign, security, and defense policies and total national defense. The teaching in the courses is executed within the context of comprehensive security. The goal of the course is to promote cooperation between different sectors of society and preparedness in exceptional circumstances and emergencies. There are always art professionals among both course participants and trainers.

Culture for maintenance and information security

Cultural professionals are actively engaged in initiatives aimed at bolstering societal cohesion and mental well-being.

Furthermore, collaboration between the National Emergency Supply Agency and cultural organizations underscores the importance of cultural maintenance in ensuring mental security. Shared cultural experiences and a strong connection to cultural heritage foster a sense of unity and resilience among citizens. We must know and feel what we are fighting for.

Notably, Finland’s extensive network of libraries serves as a cornerstone of societal strength, promoting information security and providing a gathering place for communities across all demographics.

Rosa Meriläinen

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